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FB1 Assembly Videos

We embarked on this journey years ago because we wanted to build a CNC router. Well, fast forward to today and our FB1 is still the most affordable way to enter the CNC market, a lightweight build ideal for lasers and engravers.

 The design is such that one can easily alter the length and width of the machine to a theoretical max of 3000x3000, a double gantry setup on the X-axis also provides a lot more rigidity for those who are looking for a more cable machine. 

FB1 DIY kits  and related parts available at

Useful software

XLoader - a rather useful little app that allows you to flash hex files straight to your ardunio without the need to start up the Ardunio IDE

GRBL 1.1H - the most current release, in the download you'll find the official release and also our modified version that will only home X and Y axis (with the Z being left to probe) We also have the coolant pin (A3) enabled to trigger a relay at the start and end of a job (to switch your spindle on/off, it will require you to use the corresponding post processors in your CAD/CAM software 

GRBL Mega 5X - Building a machine with more than just XYZ? The GRBL 5X port of GRBL adds an A and B rotary axis, this software runs on an Ardunio Mega and a normal Ramps board plays well with it.

Post Processor for Aspire - A Post processor for use with Vectric Aspire, it should work well with most GRBL machines, it triggers the coolant pin on job start and ends, and will only home the  X and Y axis if homing is enabled.

CNC.JS - Our preferred front end. This installer will only work on a 64-bit Windows install

Laser GRBL - If you are playing around with LED lasers, this is a handy little program to get you started on your journey