jbotma asked 5 years ago

I’m in the process of expanding my Shapeoko 2 setup to 1m x1m configuration with Nema 23 stepper motors.

I have already purchased some of the items from Makerslide.co.za and need to order more.

According to your wiring diagram the PSU is 24V 400W.

1. Would that be enough if I use 3 DM542 stepper motor drivers (4.2A) instead of 1 DM524 and 2 MKS TB6600 4.5A units.

2. Would the Arduino UNO be able to handle 3 DM542s or is it an over kill.

Kind regards

makerslide-admin Staff replied 5 years ago

Sure – The DM542 draw around 100W each (assuming they are running at full power) so you’ll be drawing 300W from the power supply. Also, the MKS TB6600 is an awesome little driver, but I’ll always choose the DM542 over it if money is not an issue (they run cooler when pushed) so – go for it