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Shop Directions

Please can you send me directions to your shop I want to see your products

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Hi There I am looking for a machine that can take a full sheet of steel. I want to use it as a plasma cutter and I am sure if I use your machine that is designed for routing it should be way stronger than what I need. Thanks

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Hi there What will be the cost of a table with the following. Work Area : 2750mm x 1830mm x 100mm Nema 34 Motor Mounts. Table height no higher than 750mm Rack and pinion drive. I have all the components and electronics already in use on another table. but i wish to have a better [...]

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Show us your Mods

Guys, share your mods you've done to your machine I've done an enclosure for mine to minimize dust and noise, works well enough, don't need to vacuum as I cut as the enclosure keeps dust inside. Along with this I added some lights, and an extractor fan jobbie - 1 x 12v in the front [...]

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The neatest machine we’ve seen to date

William Davidson assembled the neatest machine we've seen to date

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Grant’s Monster machine

Grant's Monster machine

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